Washington After-school Music Program now accepting applications for Fall 2019 free lessons and instruments.

What is AMP? The Washington Jazz Society has launched a new music education program for youth in need throughout Washington County called AMP (After-school Music Program). Initially students in middle/junior high school are qualified to participate. Participating students are provided a free instrument, music, and 36 private lessons by a qualified teacher on an instrument of the students choosing. Vocal students are also encouraged to participate.

How to Apply: Any student or parent interested can apply online at washingtonamp.com or by contacting Dan Baker at (724) 655-3402 option 1.

Instrument Donations: Adults are invited to donate instruments they no longer use. The Washington Jazz Society is a 501{c} organization and any donations are tax deductible.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is a student already in a school sponsored band or ensemble eligible?
A: Absolutely! The AMP program was created to foster a child’s interest in music and lessons will be a great supplement to school sponsored music ensembles.

Q: Is a student outside of Washington County eligible?
A: At this time the program is only open to Washington County Youth but may be open to others in the near future.

Q: Is a child that is home-schooled eligible?
A: Definitely!

Q: Will you accept a student with special needs?
A: Of course! Music can serve as a very therapeutic experience for a child with special needs.

Do you have another question? Contact Dan Baker at (724) 655-3402 option 1.